"The Aurum Lounge on Mallorca presents a unique concept, specially developed for immigrants from all over the world. Our wide range of services not only includes the option of renting a private safe deposit box, but also offers comprehensive advice on the key aspects of asset restructuring and the tax benefits of moving away from home. At the same time, we support islanders and new residents alike with advice on current issues that reflect the spirit of the times.

Why do we combine these services with our private safe and locker service for members?

We are convinced that it is time to break new ground and transform traditional standards into a modern, contemporary world of investment. By integrating various areas such as the acquisition and secure storage of physical precious metals such as gold or diamonds, wealth management and family office services of the renowned "1291 Group", as well as a variety of views and investment opportunities in art, we not only want to open up new portfolio opportunities, but also redefine the spirit of the times and arouse your curiosity.

We cordially invite you to relax as a member in our Aurum Lounge and discover the benefits of our unique consulting service for members in Mallorca in a relaxed atmosphere."

Karl Maria Kinsky 

Managing Director

Aurum Lounge Mallorca  by ATKINSKY SL.

Become a member: 

Are you an entrepreneur looking for the perfect place for a business meeting, a product presentation, a team meeting or just a quiet space to focus on your tasks? Look no further! Aurum Lounge Mallorca offers you just that - a private oasis in the south-west of Mallorca.

As a member of the Aurum Lounge, you will have access to our extensive range of amenities, including high-speed internet, a projector, telephone services, printing facilities and all other office essentials. Our space features a meeting table, lounge area, dedicated office space, a fully stocked bar and kitchen, and of course our secure vault, which houses your private safe deposit box.

Aurum Lounge Mallorca ensures round-the-clock protection and guarantees maximum security for you, your clients and your valuable assets. Memberships start from €1,779 per year and include a medium-sized safe deposit box in our vault and free daily access to the lounge on weekdays from Monday to Friday between 10:00 and 18:00. In addition, members benefit from exclusive hire rates for private events in the lounge. For further questions and to secure your membership, please feel free to send us a message here or send us a email us at


Art & Philanthropy

Investments in certified art-historically relevant art record an average annual increase in value of 11 per cent over 10 years. This growth potential makes art a popular alternative to property and precious metals. In addition to financial returns, art also offers cultural wealth.

The popularity of art investments lies in the diversification of the portfolio and the emotional component that art offers as an expression of creativity and culture. Investors can choose between individual works of art, art funds or special investments in art projects.

Through direct ownership or indirect participation in works of art, investors can benefit from potential increases in value. Overall, art investment offers a fascinating opportunity to realise long-term returns while being part of a rich cultural tradition.

Karl Kinsky, has many years of experience as an international financial advisor, which he has continuously built up since 1998.

His earlier activities as Introducing Agent for "CIBC Oppenheimer" in New York and Senior Account Executive at "Halewood International Futures" in London, as well as his later work as Head of Business Intelligence for "Gruppe Sicherheit GmbH" in Austria, have provided him with valuable experience in dealing with wealthy families, whom he still advises on various topics today.

As the manager of the Aurum Lounge on Mallorca, where he also manages and exhibits part of his private art collection, he is always available for personal advice to members of the Aurum Lounge


Family Office, Project & Facility Management.      


Wealthy families live in a complex world. The transfer of family wealth to subsequent generations and its integration into the family structure, a multi-jurisdictional set-up of families, a constant expansion of regulatory restrictions and a dynamic investment environment are leading to increasing complexity for wealthy families. Managing this complexity, including the associated risks and challenges, has become an issue of paramount importance.


1291 Private Office Ltd. advises high net worth families and their advisers on how to address these pressing issues by providing a comprehensive and holistic approach to family office services. Independence, discretion and professionalism are the values that guide our work. We have the expertise, competence and contacts to support you in all areas of the family and private office business:


  • Tax-compatible asset structuring, estate planning and family governance
  • Manager selection, strategic allocation, independent investment controlling and consolidated reporting
  • Financial solutions for illiquid assets such as private jets, luxury yachts, art, specialised real estate and individual share positions
  • Immigration counselling
  • Independent mergers & acquisitions advice for small transactions
  • Management of special projects


"Aurum Lounge entered into a partnership with 1291 Private Office for issues relating to tax-compatible asset structuring, estate planning and other family office services.


As part of the globally active 1291 Group, the 1291 Private Office supports wealthy clients and their advisors with a comprehensive and holistic approach to family office services.


Oliver Muggli can look back on more than 25 years of experience in wealth management, family office and asset structuring in Europe and Asia and heads the 1291 Private Office. He is available to Aurum Lounge members at any time for personal advice.